Determining my favorite 3 crypto projects makes me look beyond the pure speculation of projects launched in 2017. Not all investors want to do anything more than hodl as a speculative asset that they hope will moon eventually. However, the chances of being positioned to take profits is very slim, especially when trying to time the top it can become a matter of luck. The following 3 tokens/projects are my favorite and I will tell you why. This not meant in any way to be financial advice. I am only sharing my knowledge from a purely technical and personal perspective. I must say that I am most intrigued with projects that allow me to grow with the communities and have my voice be heard ether through staking, or creating content or running a node or mining. Basically supporting the project’s networks

  1. EthLend had their ICO in December 2017. It was and still is an erc20 utility token. However it has a number of very cool attributes that give it great utility. Most recently the tokenomics have changed to reflect a much scarcer coin supply (1.3B EthLend token supply to the new Aave token supply of 16M. It was a 100 EthLend: 1 Aave token migration ratio. Concurrently with the token migration was the launch of Aave staking to support the Aave Network. Since the EthLend price of $0.01/EthLend token in 2018, Aave has seen growth of 7,300% and this 2020 DeFi Bull market is barely underway. This is an amazing project with very high ambitions and I see them going far. Here are a couple great sources for information about the Aave project at and
  2. 0x launched in October 2017 and was the first ever cryptocurrency project I entered in 2017. Some friends told me about the ICO and that was it. I have been following ever since. recently launched their first customer facing product has a very cool UI and integrates nicely with Web3 wallets: MetaMask, Mobile Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, and Bitski Wallet. 0x API and 0x Mesh are also products that are available to anyone who can use them. Staking and Governance are 2 more very important project attributes that make 0x a very good project with a great ROI long term. launched in October 2017 and up until the recent launch of Shelley testnet and then Shelley mainnet launch has been largely speculative, not knowing whether it would take a long time to roll out. However, with the Shelley integration, Cardano evolved from The Byron Era, which was the Centralized Era, to the Decentralized Era after the Shelley integration in 2020. Now staking is offered and Project Catalyst launched in September 2020:

So, there are many really cool and purposeful projects to follow. My 4th most favorite discovered in 2020 is For the first time I have joined a community where I can create content and receive BTC as an incentive. I am learning how to teach. Here is a review of Freehold: Freeholder

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